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Nick Pike Music: Composer, Producer, Arranger | London
Latin Soul Party
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Tinsel Town Tango
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Inspiring Groove
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Coming Up In Life
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Trail Of Destruction
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Shifty Business
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Nick is a composer, producer, Arranger and performer in a variety of styles ranging from Funk, Jazz and Soul to more traditional orchestral scores. As a composer and producer, Nick has had his library music played around the world and has received commissions from as varied clientele as Saatchi & Saatchi, HarperCollins, The Born Free Foundation and The United Nations, with two of the Saatchi projects receiving prestigious Clio awards.


An accomplished pianist and saxophonist, Nick has performed around the world with numerous bands and ensembles. He has used this performance knowledge to write, record, produce and mix not only his production music albums but also his first album from 8-piece Funk outfit Latimo and three albums from folk’n’roll band Joyshop, as well as a host of collaborations with other artists.

London United Kingdom  England

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