Once referred to as 'Mark Ronson on a budget', Latimo is an 8 piece heavy funk/pop outfit with ridiculously infectious grooves never failing to get audiences throwing shapes, whether it’s in the city’s sweatiest night clubs or swankiest jazz bars. Expect a feel-good fusion of soaring vocals, blistering guitar solos and heavy horn riffs. Latimo have played a host of pubs and clubs throughout London such as the 229 Club, Nambucca and The Enterprise as well as the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and Streatham Hideaway Jazz Club. Their set consists of blisteringly funky tunes interspersed with reworked versions of classic favourites.

The contrast between and within tracks will keep the audience on their toes – beautiful ballads interspersed with funky trumpet solos, more classic funk tunes with a real pop flavour and sickeningly virtuosic guitar solos appearing designed to rip you out of your seat. Above all Latimo tries to capture the grooves that made them want to be musicians in the first place, so whether you come for the gorgeous vocals, intricate horn solis or infectious rhythms you will definitely be tapping your feet in no time. 

Their debut album is out now.

Latimo Front Album.png